Denham Springs and Baker
Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plans

The Capital Region Planning Commission is preparing master plans for the Cities of Denham Springs and Baker, Louisiana.
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Non-Motorized Planning

CRPC is committed to encouraging the use of non-motorized modes of transportation, such as bicycling and walking. CRPC encourages the inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in reconstruction, resurfacing, and capacity increase projects to the extent deemed safe and feasible.  To this end, CRPC has been proactive in implementing planning and construction efforts aimed at providing a safe and enjoyable environment for non-motorized transportation activities. As a policy, CRPC has and will continue to implement state and federal regulations as required and work with various stakeholders to implement these important projects. 

The challenge for transportation planners, highway engineers, and bicycle and pedestrian groups, therefore, is to balance competing interest in a limited amount of right-of-way and develop a transportation infrastructure that provides access to all, a real choice of safety in equal measure for each mode of travel.

The Non-Motorized Plan for the BRMPO is a region-wide plan that can be consulted by local communities, developers, and transportation agencies to develop non-motorized facilities throughout the region.

The plan identifies the transportation system's existing non-motorized facilities, establishes a future conceptual network with a map and list of improvements, and identifies resources to help fund the future additions to the non-motorized transportation network. 

Benefits of non-motorized transportation: 

  • Cost savings

  • Reduces congestion

  • Supports transit

  • Provides transportation options

  • Improves air quality

  • Economic vitality

  • Improves health