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Louisiana’s Capital Region has a variety of public transportation options. These include urban-fixed route bus service, demand- response services, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) para- transit, and specialized transportation for elderly and disabled residents.

Fixed-route public bus service, available only in the City of Baton Rouge and environs in East Baton Rouge Parish, provide two significant benefits within the City and other areas served:

Mobility: Public bus service is critical to enabling those who do not, or cannot, drive an automobile or other motorized vehicle to participate in the regional economy.  This group includes the very young, the elderly, disabled, and a segment of low-income populations.  Many others simply dislike driving.  Providing non-drivers with accessible public transportation is both a social service. and expands the potential for individual, family, and regional prosperity.

More Efficient Use of Roadway Capacity: Traffic congestion and gridlock can make travel on urban roadways unsafe and uncomfortable. Such conditions can impose a cap on a city’s economic competitiveness. The extent that public transportation modes can safely and effectively substitute for a percentage of private vehicles can help reduce or keep congestion relatively constant, while improving the region’s capacity for continued economic competitiveness.


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“The Capital Region Coordinated Human Services Transportation Committee meets quarterly to discuss challenges and concerns, share best practices, and identify opportunities for coordination among the region’s transit providers.”
Next meeting June 2019 date and location TBD.


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