Request for Proposals - Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplans

The Capital Region Planning Commission invites qualified firms to submit proposals to develop two distinct Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplans for the cities of Baker and Denham Springs, LA.  The city of Baker is an incorporated municipality lying within East Baton Rouge Parish whereas the City of Denham Springs lies within Livingston Parish.  Both Cities were heavily impacted by the flood of 2016 which was a 1,000 year storm event (FEMA DR-4277).  In response to the severity of the impacts, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) led a long term recovery planning process in both communities.  Both communities identified the need for an integrated, safe and connected, bikeable and walkable built-environment.   In response to this need, Baker and Denham Springs were awarded funding through the MPO’s STBG>200k call for projects to develop Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplans.  CRPC will provide project management and oversight for both planning processes in coordination with the cities.  These masterplans will evaluate existing conditions, conduct data analysis, involve stakeholders to identify concerns, express priorities, develop strategies, list projects, recommend improvements, include and implementation strategy, and identify funding resources.  Offeror’s minimum qualifications are:  at least one principal or responsible member of the firm shall demonstrate a minimum of five years’ experience in responsible charge of, or major expertise in, the field involved in this RFP; offeror must show minimum experience of three projects of similar scope; and, experience working in post disaster recovery should be noted, if applicable to the project team.   Other criteria for selection is listed in the full RFP.

Respondents shall submit 5 bound copies of the proposal to:

Capital Region Planning Commission
Attn:  Mr. Jamie Setze, Executive Director
333 North 19th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

The proposals must be received by 3:00pm C.S.T. on Friday, August 17, 2018.  Electronic submittals can be submitted in addition to the five bound copies.  RFP questions shall be submitted in writing to Kim Marousek, AICP, via email at


Questions and Answers for Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplans RFP. Please check back regularly for more updates. Questions and responses will be posted as they are received. 

Q 1: The budget may not be sufficient to satisfy the number of workshops specified in the draft scope of work.
R 1: If the respondent feels there is a way to proceed with fewer workshops that suggestion can be made and outlined in the respondents proposed work plan. As indicated with the RFP, the work plan is a draft and can be modified after a consultant is selected. 

Q 2: Is only the  24-102 required for the RFP submittal; or, is the 24-102 an attachment to the proposal?
R 2: The 24-102 (latest available version) is to be an attachment to the proposal.

Q 3: Is it your intent to receive two independent proposals – one in your agency’s format and one 24-102 even if it repeats information?
R 3: Yes. We would like the RFP response and the completed 24-102, as an attachment.

  1. Do you want resumes in both the proposal part and the 24-102?
     You may submit them separately or as part of the 24-102.
  2. Do you want duplicate projects as well?
    Duplicate projects (in the RFP and 24-102) are acceptable.
  3. OR, can we refer to the 24-102 in any overlapping sections?
    Please see response above.
  4. For the workload section on the 24-102, do you want LADOTD projects or CRPC projects?
    LA DOTD projects and CRPC projects, if applicable.

Q 4: Section 3 – Is the staffing plan here a project schedule or is it a listing of staff and their proposed effort on the project?
R 4: It is primarily a project schedule and a listing of staff resources.  The detailed description of the staff and their part in the team is part of the response to item #4 – Project Team, Experience, and Qualifications which describes various role(s), experience and qualifications on the project team.  Section 3 also requires a description of expected deliverables.

Q 5: Is there any standard documentation/template for this proposal?
R 4: No

Q 6: We see where there is a minimum requirement of 3 projects, but is there a project limit? (Section V, Number 4 – Project Team, Experience, and Qualifications).
R 6: No

Q 7: For the budget, should we use LADOTD audited rates for our firm or should we use billable rates?
R 7: Use LA DOTD audited rate if the firm has one.

Q 8: Is there any standard documentation/template for this proposal?
R 8: No

Q 9: Are you scoring based on the 24-102 criteria or the scoring within the RFP?
R 9: The scoring is listed in the RFP on page 8 “Scoring Criteria.”

Q 10: The RFP only mentions sub-consultants under Section V, Number 5, on page 7, in regards to submitting a budget broken down by Task, personnel, and by sub-consultant.  How are sub-consultant proposals to be handled?
R 10: It should be expressed in (Section 4) “Project Team, Experience and Qualification” which requires:  “This section must also include a detailed organizational/project staffing chart including names, company and percentage of time expected of each team member for this project. The organizational chart must identify the project manager.”  The budget should also reflect sub-consultant(s).

  1. Should all required items for this submittal include combined information of the full project team (Prime and Sub-consultants)? 
  2. And specifically, how should the 24-102 be handled, as typically for a DOTD submittal, individual forms, one for prime, and one for each sub are required?
    Please follow the typical DOTD process when completing the 24-102 form.