Capital Region's Metropolitan Planning Organization

Federal legislation requires that cities with a population over 50,000 form a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and federal agencies serve to fund the planning process.  CRPC is the Baton Rouge area's designated MPO.  The MPO is a transportation policy-making organization made up of representatives from local government and transportation authorities to carry out transportation planning with coordination with the state and with operators of publicly-owned transit services. MPOs were created in order to ensure expenditures for transportation projects and programs that were based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (3-C) planning process.  

The Five Core Functions of BRMPO: 

Establish a setting: Establish and manage an impartial setting for effective regional decision making in the area.

Evaluate alternatives: Evaluate transportation alternatives to the nature of its transportation issues and to the realistically available options.  These evaluations are included in the Unified Planning Work Program or UPWP. 

Maintain a long-range transportation plan (LRTP): Develop and update a long-range transportation plan for the area, covering a plan of at least twenty years that includes: mobility and access for people and goods, efficient system performance and preservation, and quality of life. 

Develop a transportation improvement program (TIP): Develop a program based on the long-range transportation plan and designed to serve the area's goals, using spending, regulating, operating, management, and financial tools. Both the governor and the MPO have to approve the TIP.

Involve the public: Involve the general public and all the significantly affected sub-groups in the functions discussed above. 

The BRMPO planning process includes active outreach strategies to give people the opportunity to provide input.  Opportunities are provided for the public to get involved throughout the process, especially while the plan and the TIP are being developed.  Special attention is given to involving those groups who are underrepresented or have been under served in the past in terms of the expenditure of transportation dollars.  

BRMPO is also designated as a Transportation Management Area (TMA) as it has a population greater than 200,000.

MPO Committees

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): TAC's purpose is to provide technical guidance for the development, coordination, and implementation of a multi-modal transportation plan for the Baton Rouge area.  The transportation technical advisory committee membership is comprised of representatives of general purpose government who manage the day-to-day technical aspects of the transportation system infrastructure.  In order to broaden the base of technical expertise available to the committee, and meet Chapter I, Title 23 CFR part 450 sub part C450.306 (i), the requirements of the membership of the TAC include representatives from several affected transportation modes and community organizations.   


Transportation Policy Committee: The purpose of the TPC in the Baton Rouge transportation management area is to provide policy guidance for the development, coordination and implementation of a multi-modal Transportation Plan for the Baton Rouge area. 


Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: The BRMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is established under the authority of the BRMPO Transportation Policy Committee. 

The committee aims to improve bicycling and pedestrian conditions for commuters, children, elderly, persons with disabilities, recreational bicyclists, and walkers of the area.  In addition, the committee analyzes issues arising within the planning area of transportation management from a bicycle and pedestrian perspective.  The committee makes recommendations to the MPO Transportation Technical Advisory and Policy Committees. 


Coordinated Human Transportation Services Committee (CHTSC):The BRMPO Coordinated Human Services Transportation Planning Committee is established under the authority of the BRMPO Transportation Policy Committee.

The BRMPO Coordinated Human Services Transportation Planning Committee aims to improve utilization of transit service resources and transit funding resources for commuters, elderly, persons with disabilities, individual’s with low income, rural area commuters, and school system commuters of the area. The goals of the committee will be the same as those established in the Regional Major Transportation Plan. In addition, the committee will analyze issues arising within the planning area of the transportation management area from a coordinated mass transit perspective and make recommendations to the MPO Transportation Technical Advisory and Policy Committees.