Louisiana's rates of alcohol and drug-related fatalities have been higher than the national average, and the same holds true for the capital region.  The coalition is attempting to address this through coordinating increased and strategic enforcement, as well as training law enforcement; education and marketing directed toward at-risk populations; and finding and promoting alternatives to driving while impaired. While data indicates that progress has been made in recent years in reducing impaired driving, coalition coordinators are researching innovative national and international methods to further reduce impaired driving incidents and reach the goal of a 50% reduction by 2030.

Team Leaders

The Capital Region Transportation Safety Coalition's Impaired Driving Team Leaders are a mix of government employees, concerned citizens and privately-held organizations.  The Impaired Driving Team Leaders are listed below: 

Rebecca Nugent (LSP Crime Lab), Catherine Childers (LHSC) & Trooper Angela Borer (LSP)