Saving Lives by Changing Behaviors | CRTSC Targets Drunk Drivers with Safety Video

The Capital Region Transportation Safety Coalition was awarded a grant through the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to make an educational video on drinking and driving. Through extensive research, data shows that the highest demographic for drinking and driving is 25-34-year-old white males. The goal of the video is to educate the coalition’s target audience on the dangers and consequences that arise from drinking and driving.    The video will be distributed to interested parties, plants, oil refineries and other large employers to reduce the number of drunk drivers on Louisiana's roads and highways.

To see what the average person knows about drinking and driving, the coalition went out on the streets of the Capital Region. The coalition gathered participants and asked basic questions about the legal blood alcohol concentration limit, the legal consequences of drinking and driving, and drinking and driving statistics.  Some of the responses the coalition gathered were surprising; many don’t realize that not only can drinking and driving can affect your job and driving record, but you may also face legal obligations and penalties.  Additionally, the coalition consulted with several experts to put drinking myths to rest. 

The featured experts were: East Baton Rouge District Attorney, Hillar Moore, Attorney Chad Dudley, East Baton Rouge Coroner, Dr. Beau Clark, Ascension Parish Court Judge, Marilyn Lambert, a Human Resources Representative from Turner Industries, and Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director, Dr. Katara Williams. Moore, Dudley and Lambert discussed the legal and civil consequences if someone is convicted of a DWI. Dr. Clark covered how alcohol effects the body, how the body metabolizes alcohol, and cleared up myths about the quickest ways to sober up. The human resources representative covered what would happen if an employee or future employee was convicted with a DWI. Finally, Dr. Williams covered the statistics of how many people are killed and injured Nationwide and in Louisiana because of alcohol-related crashes.

The ultimate goal of this video is to save lives. Too many people die each year due to alcohol-related crashes. These crashes are 100% preventable.  This video is just one of the many ways the Capital Region Transportation Safety Coalition is trying to make the Louisiana roads safer by educating and encouraging safer behaviors, practices and attitudes.  Stay updated on the coalitions efforts by following the Capital Region Safety Coalition’s web page at or like us on Facebook

Special thanks to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office, The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner, The Ascension Parish Court and Judge Lambert, Dudley and DeBosier Injury Lawyers, the Louisiana State Police and Hometown Productions.

Authors: Bailey Powell, Capital Region Planning Commission, Kenyatta Robertson, Capital Region Transportation Safety Coalition