Traffic is a major problem in the MPO region.  Baton Rouge is steadily increasing its population and industry size making, with this in mind, means of reducing traffic is a dire need.  CRPC recently purchased a carpooling software called Geaux Ride to help reduce traffic congestion.  This software matches riders based among their personal preferences and daily routes.  By logging your carpooling commute, the software can also track how much greenhouse gas emission reductions the carpoolers are making as well as the money that they're saving by carpooling.  Beat the traffic and spend time with your coworkers and neighbors on your way to work! To register, please visit to get matched and start carpooling today! 


Carpooled today and need a ride home? CRPC and Über are teaming up to get you where you need to go! 

What is Über?
Über is a mobile app that connects riders to drivers, providing the safest and most reliable rides on the road. Über offers riders a truly magical experience: simply press a button and a car will show up and take you where you need to go.

Promo Code:
Your unique promo code is GOGOBR. It is valid for up to $20 off a first Über ride (aka new Über users only). When people download the Über app, they will have the opportunity to enter this promo code when they are setting up their account. Note that this promotion is valid in Baton Rouge only. This promotion code will be valid until 12/16/15. You can share this custom link to sign up for Über with your promo code prepopulated:

CRPC is working on identifying ways to reduce traffic congestion, and your input will help determine our course of action.  Please take a few moments to fill out this survey.