Ravi Ponnapureddy, Director of Transportation

Ravi Ponnapureddy was born and raised in India.  He graduated from J.N.T.U College of Engineering with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  After college, he attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) where he received a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.  He worked for CRPC from 2003 to 2007 as a Transportation/Air Quality Planner.  At CRPC, Ravi was primarily tasked with Air Quality Analysis for Congestion Mitigation for Air Quality (CMAQ) funding and Transportation Conformity projects.  During this time Ravi also got to delve into Transportation Planning and GIS Analysis.  He then worked as a Geographical Information System (GIS) Consultant at Pinellas County in Clearwater, FL for two years.  As a GIS consultant, Ravi developed backend PL/SQL scripts in Oracle Spatial Database to accurately geocode crash data, monitor changes made to utilities assets in GIS database and synchronize changes to the work order management system.  He then rejoined CRPC in September 2009 as senior Transportation Planner.  He is now serving as Director of Transportation at CRPC.
In this role, he provides programmatic management and guidance to various technical staff members involved in all aspects of Metropolitan Transportation planning activities with emphasis on Congestion Management Process, Transportation Improvement Program, Long Range Transportation Plan, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Database Development, Air Quality, Transportation and Asset Management, and Public Transit.