Second Round Public Outreach

 The Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC) is counducting the second round of public outreach to gather input for the Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Capital Region, a plan called MOVE2042. The second round of open house meetings will ask the public to provide input on how the limited transportation dollars should be spent, whether they are willing to support additional funds for transportation system improvements, and what options they prefer for generating additional funds. Click on the link below to complete the short interactive survey. The survey will be open until Sunday, September 17, 2017. You can view the exhibits presented at the public meetings before you take the survey.


Exhibits presented at the public meetings

First Round Public Meeting Results and Analysis

Population Projections 2015 - 2042

Employment Projections 2015 - 2042

MOVE 2042 Vision and Goals

Level of Service (Congestion) Maps

Crash Data Analysis (2009 - 2014)

Transit Supportive Densities

Job Flows Among Urabanized Areas in Southeast Louisiana

Projects Completed or Under Construction (2010 - 2015)

Bridge and Pavement Conditions in Capital Region

Transporation Funding, Issues, and Strategies

What is MOVE2042?

Move 2042 is the Transportation Plan for the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Planning Area. This plan will focus on both short-term and long-term transportation improvements in the urban areas of Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Livingston, and West Baton Rouge parishes. It is both data-driven and considerate of public and stakeholder input.  MOVE2042 is a federally mandated plan and is rquired for federal transportation funds to flow in to our region.  Also, for any major transportation project in the Capital Area to become implemented, regardless of funding source, it must be included in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.  To keep up with the community's changing needs, the plan is updated every four years.  MOVE2042 addresses not only traditional forms of transportation but also includes transportation by means of public transit, walking and biking.  Lastly, MOVE2042 is fiscally constrained meaning only projects that can reasonably be expected to have adequate funding can be included in the implementation program. The process for establishing both estimated costs and revenues is critical for the creation of a viable long-range transportation plan.

The video explains who we are, the importance of the MOVE 2042 transportation plan, and the plan development process. 


MOVE2042 Timeline 

updated timeline.jpg


CRPC gathers input from stakeholders and the public to set transportation priorities.  MOVE2042 participants locate transportation problem areas, and mark transportation needs.  


Capital Region in

25 Years

Thanks for input from the local elected officials, stakeholders and most importantly the citizens of the Capital Region. Slides below gives a snapshot of how our region will grow over the next 25 years by 2042. 


Community residents are the best resource for predicting area growth patterns.  With the public's assistance, we can accurately accommodate growing areas to meet their needs. 


MOVE2042 News

Our Executive Director addressed the Baton Rouge Press Club on our MOVE2042 efforts.  Watch the video below. 



The MOVE2042 planning process involves elected officials, stakeholders from the state and other planning agencies to make sure our plans align.  By doing this, we can ensure MOVE2042's effectiveness.  


Public Outreach

Round 1

Stakeholder and public meetings coducted in February and March 2017 were very successful. Slides below give a snapshot of the maginitude of participation and also the perspecive of the citizens on transportation issues and priorities.