James C. Setze
Executive Director  -  Extension 211 

Kim Marousek
Director of Planning  -  Extension 209

Ravi Ponnapureddy
Director of Transportation  -  Extension 207

Pong Wu
Sr. Transportation Planner  -  Extension 201

Ahmed Abdel Khalek
Transportation Engineer | Planner  -  Extension 220

P.K. Dang
Transportation Planner  -  Extension 206

J.T. Sukits
Transportation Alternatives Coordinator  -  Extension 203

Marta Castro De Sa
GIS Specialist  -  Extension 219

Chris Shalohm
Senior Planning Aide | Title VI Coordinator  -  Extension 202

Adam Tatar
Regional Transit Planner - Extension 223

Courtney Maciasz
Economic Development Officer-  Extension 218

Michele Evans-Brock   
Administrative Coordinator  -  Extension 200

Kenyatta Robertson
Regional Transportation Safety Coordinator | Executive Assistant  -Extension 217

Zhan Shi
GIS Analyst  -  Extension 222

Sarah Stafford
Office Director | Public Outreach Coordinator -  Extension 213

RJ Goebel
Part Time Regional Transit Planner  -  Extension 210






Physical Address:
333 N. 19th Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Mailing Address: 
Post Office Box 3355, Baton Rouge, LA 70821

For general inquiries -

(225) 383-5203

(225) 383-3804

CRPC is located exactly at the intersection of Florida Blvd and N. 19th St. between Laurel St. and Florida Blvd.  It is across from the East Baton Rouge Parish Planning Commission (CPPC), and adjacent to the Drug Rehabilitation Center.  The map below gives a general idea of where we are located.  Please call the office if you need any help with directions!